Our Strict Privacy Policy

We could have some long legal text on our privacy policy, but we figuerd we'd make life easy for you and summarise it in one short, sweet sentence:

We never rent, sell, give away personal information to third parties - your data is completely safe with us.

A little more detail:

  • After you sign up with us (enroll on a trip or sign up for news or provide any contact info by any means on our site) your personal data is stored on a very secure server.
  • Only about 3 people in the company have access to this data, but they are all under a privacy policy oath and are legally responsible for the safekeeping of your personal information.
  • We know you hate SPAM just like us and would get quite pissed at us if we mistreated your personal information - so there's another reason why we guard your data like the most precious secret. You can unsubscribe from our communication at any time.

If you'd like to request more information on how we store your data, drop us a line.

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