Laci Mecs


Born in: 1973
Occupation: mountain guide, climbing instructor
Spoken languages English, German

An excellent mountaineer, Laci is one of our clients' favorites on the team. Besides sporting exceptional experience as both an instructor and an expedition leader, he is the most successful guide on the mountain when it comes to teaching and leading people. Being quite gifted with 'people skills', this guy has the phsychological ability to get you to give everything you've got - to push you to beyond your limits... without you noticing the effort it takes.

Laci has bagged a few notorious climbs in his career thus far:

  • Gasherbrum II. (8035 m, Pakistan), 2005
  • Gasherbrum I. (8068 m, Pakistan), 2007
  • Broad Peak (8047 m, Pakistan), 2007
  • Kedar Dome (6831 m, India), 1996
  • Karchakund – on a new route (6612 m, India)
  • Ganalo (6606 m, Pakistan).
  • Laci guided some other peaks as well, such as Aconcagua (6959 m, Argentina), Cotopaxi (5897 m, Ecuador), Peak Lenin (7134 m, Tajikistan), and innumerable peaks in the Alps, High-Tatras and Carpathians in Transylvania.


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